School Demonstrations

The Yarmouth Minute Men provide free educational program to schools K through 12 and non profit organizations, such as D.A.R., regional historical organizations, and the Scouts. We do on site encampments which help current day individuals understand the daily practical challenges people faced in the 18th Century and the political and economic motivations of the Revolutionary Period. A sample of possible topics:
  1. The clothing of the period: how it evolved and how difficult it was to obtain or produce.
  2. Foods consumed: how obtained, prepared, and preserved.
  3. Transportation: options available, travel conditions, obstacles encountered.
  4. Daily life in the Militias or Regular Armies, British and Colonial.
  5. Political and economic motivations for separation or continued union with England.
  6. What it was to be a loyalist,, opposing the proposed separatoin
  7. Our Founding Fathers: what were they like, what were their motivations. What did they understand to be the function of government? Why were some enthusiastic, some luke-warm, and other totally against separation?
  8. We can bring Alice, our muzzle loading cannon, and drill participants in loading and firing procedures while being advanced upon by opposing infantry.
  9. Learn how to write with a quill pen & why you must write with your right hand.
  10. Encampment entail hands on experience of tentage, furniture, cooking demos, candle making, spinning, etc…
If we can be of service please contact us to set a date or a possible presentation. You can call us at 508-280-3701, email the captain, or fill out the form below.